Songwriters talk about Kent Finlay

From Brian T.’s interviews:

“Kent Finlay’s a guru, a Yoda. He has an incredible sense of craft and the right inspiration for why he does it. For him, it’s not about what he can get. It’s about what he can give, what he can contribute to the music.” – Ray Wylie Hubbard

“Kent Finlay sensed the Skunks were testing boundaries, seeing how far we could go. There’s nothing more outlaw than that. Kent likes people who fuck with the rules.” – Jon Dee Graham

“Stevie Ray Vaughan played little, funky places literally for no one for eighty percent of his life. Hundreds and hundreds of people have told me they saw those gigs when my brother and I played with Stevie at Cheatham Street Warehouse. Impossible. There was one biker chick and one drunken frat guy there. It’s a perfect example of Kent Finlay’s spirit and heart. He supports the hell out of the music whether it’s lucrative or not.” – Will Sexton

“I have a feeling if George Strait came back on a Wednesday night, Kent Finlay would say, ‘That’s great, George, but Wednesday’s songwriter circle. If you get here early enough, put your name on the list, but it’s gotta be something you wrote, George.”’ – Drew Kennedy

“George Strait stopped the show at the Astrodome. He said, ‘If it weren’t for Kent Finlay, there wouldn’t be a George Strait.’ Take that alone and Kent’s impacted everyone who listens to country music.” – Randy Rogers

“Kent Finlay’s a real inspiration. Some people do this for a little while and move on, but it’s his lifeblood. I admire a guy who does what he does forever. He’s like one big song that never quits writing itself.” – Adam Carroll

“When I met Kent Finlay, he was talking about this kid Todd Snider who he had helped out. He thought big things were gonna come for Todd. Eventually, of course, they did. It was exciting to see that happen. I said, “I’ve gotta listen to this guy. He knows what he’s talking about.”” – Slaid Cleaves

“Kent Finlay’s not a casual influence on songwriters. He’s passing on a real, heartfelt, spiritual thing to us”. – john Arthur martinez

“I love Kent Finlay’s focus as a writer. He decides what to say and hits his target. No fluff. I mean, ‘Hill Country’ is one of my favorite songs ever. It says what it says perfectly.” – Brian Keane

“Songwriter. Mentor. Curator. Teacher. Historian. Kent Finlay has helped create the best of what Texas music has been and is”. – Owen Temple